Being The Leader Of Your German Shepherd’s Pack

Being The Leader Of Your German Shepherd’s Pack

It is important Being The Leader Of Your German Shepherd's PackThe more in depth that I delve into this whole idea of being the leader of your German Shepherd’s pack, it really makes sense.  And I have learned that it is especially important for German Shepherd training because they are very strong willed dogs.  I don’t know if any of you have ever heard of Monty Roberts, the horse training.  He studied wild Mustangs out in their natural habitat and learn that they have a non verbal language that they used to communicate.  He also learned the hierarchical structure of the herd.  Who is in charge, and how they correct and discipline young herd members.

He learned that the real leader of a horse heard is the alpha female.  All the stallions were interested in is breeding.  By mimicking the way she communicated to problem heard members, he is able to get the horse to accept him as the leader of the heard.  Once this is accomplished he could easily teach any horse how to do what he wanted them to.  There is a video of him getting a young wild mustang to accept a saddle and a rider out in the wild, in less than 24 hours.  It is an amazing film to watch.

Best German Shepherd Training

Doggy Dan has basically done the same thing with Dogs.  To check out his video training course click on the large red button on the top right hand corner of this page.  Dan teaches you five basic rules to follow to get your German Shepherd to accept you as the leader of his pack.  By doing this the dog understands the message these rules communicate.  It actually makes the dog less stressed and want to please you.  This might sound funky, or maybe even a bit hokey pokey, but its not.  Your dog communicates this way anyway, we just don’t understand that we are giving him the wrong signals and causing the behaviors we don’t like.  We are communicating using the human mind instead of the canine mind.  As soon as we start thinking the way a German Shepherd thinks, and communicating the way they understand, your dog is much happier and learns to behave much easier.  It is really amazing, especially during German Shepherd rescue efforts.

Stopping A German Shepherd From Barking

I will give you one quick example of how communicating with your German Shepherd in his language corrects a bad behavior.  If you have ever had a dog that barks every time it hears a noise or sees something outside.  This can be very annoying especially if you have a baby sleeping, are trying to watch a movie or are entertaining guests.

When the dog does this it is because he views himself as a leader of the pack, and the noise as a possible danger.  In a wild pack, the leaders of the pack make all the decisions. They decide was is dangerous and what is not.  When your dog is barking he is basically nervous of a possible danger and protecting or alerting the pack.  If you start yelling at him to stop it, you are actually encouraging him to continue.  He perceives this as you barking at the danger as well.  If you get really angry then you are still concerned about the danger but being a bully to him.  Being the leader of your German Shepherd’s pack is key to reversing this bad behavior.

The way Dan teaches to handle that is since you are the leader of the pack, you show that you are not concerned.  He suggests you very calmly say “thank you” to your dog when he starts barking.  If he continues to bark, then you investigate the danger.  You very calmly get up and go look at what your dog is barking at, so that your dog sees you doing so, then you say again very calmly “thank you”, and then you turn your back on your dog and walk back to your seat.  Usually this will calm your dog down because he sees that you see what he sees and are not concerned.

If the dog continues to bark, then you very calmly take your dog and put him in a small room like a bathroom for a time out.  This gets the German Shepherd away from the perceived danger where he is safe, and he sees that you are not stressed at all but are very calm.  Then you leave the dog in time out until he completely calms down.  Then you let him out.  After a few times of this he will learn to look to your guidance as to when to be concerned.

I hope this example gives you a grasp of the power of being the leader of your German Shepherd’s pack.  It makes for the happiest and most well behaved canines.  This is especially important in German Shepherd puppy training.

German Shepherd Training Tips

German Shepherd Training Tips

You Need To Know How To Train A German ShepherdIf you have never had a well trained happily obedient German Shepherd, you haven’t lived.  It is so wonderful!  The dog owning experience is ten times better!  It really is!  And your dog is so much happier too.  In this article I will give you some German shepherd training tips.

And German Shepherd training is really quite simple.  They are very intelligent, and if trained properly they are as sweet as can be and love to be obedient.  And it works the same if you are training your dog in basic obedience, or training a way a bad habit or behavior.  You just have to know how to do it.

I am going to give you some very important German Shepherd training tips that you will need in training your dog.  These are the basic fundamentals of knowing how to train a German Shepherd.   But first I should mention that the best way I have found to learn dog training, short of being trained in person by a master trainer, is to watch videos of master trainers teaching you as they are actually training dogs.  It is the next best thing to being there!  And the best dog training video course I have found, by far, is Doggy Dan’s, “The Online Dog Trainer”.  If you want to check it out, click on the large red button on the top right hand corner of this page.

So here we go.  First remember that German Shepherds are creatures of instinct.  They do many things naturally because of their instinct.  If you can direct what you want them to do in a way that goes along with their instincts, they want to do it.  For example they are pack animals.  They love structure and hierarchy.  It gives them a feeling of peace and security.  You, your family, and any other animals in the house are your German Shepherd’s pack.  You need to establish yourself as the alpha male of that pack to your dog.  If you do it right, and are consistent in your training, your dog will want to obey.

Timing is also crucial.  German Shepherd puppies have short attention spans.  If your dog obeys your command and you do nothing at first and then a few minutes later give them the reward, they won’t know why you are rewarding them.  Instant gratification works best. When they obey, they are immediately praised.  Then they will associate obeying your command with something good, the reward.  This is especially important for rescued dogs who have experienced trauma in their past.  Click on this link for a article on German Shepherd rescue.

Also remember patience and repetition are so important.  It takes repetition for your dog to figure out what you are trying to get him to do.  And be patient.  If you feel yourself getting slightly off, end the training session and come back to it later.  Always end on a positive note, after a success.  You want your dog to remember this as a positive experience.  Once your German Shepherd is trained on a few things, mix it up and train him in front of other people and other distractions.  Then they will learn to always focus on you their alpha male.

Socialization and exposure to different situations is important while they are young.  This helps them not be afraid of strange noises and to not view every stranger as a threat.  And again always make this a positive and happy experience for your dog.

Proper punishment is vital.  Using fear and intimidation hurts your relationship with your dog, and it does not work as well.  The best punishment for your German Shepherd when training him is to completely ignore him.  He craves your attention and being ignored by his alpha pack leader is punishment.  By understanding the psychology or instinctual makeup of your German Shepherd makes all of the difference in the world.  I hope that these few German Shepherd training tips help you not only get the behavior you are hoping for from your dog.  But I hope it assists in building the relationship and bond he or she has with you.

Again I highly recommend Doggy Dan’s, “The Online Dog Trainer”. If I remember right I believe he even offers a free trial, so you can view his training and try it out before you pay.   It is the best course I have ever seen.

German Shepherd Training Videos

German Shepherd Training Videos

German Shepherd Training Videos RockThere are a lot of different programs and courses you can buy to learn German Shepherd training.  There are books, websites and cd courses all over the internet. But video training courses are so much better!  German Shepherd Training Videos are the way to go!  You get to see the trainer teach you as he is actually training a dog.  And the best course I have ever found is Doggy Dan’s, “The Online Dog Trainer”.  If you want to check his program out, click on the large red button on the top right hand corner of this page.

If you have been following my site for very long you know that I have studying the best ways to train German Shepherds for some time.  Throughout my life I have seen both good and bad examples of dog training.

It makes such a big difference when you can actually see examples of trainers working with live dogs, and training them right before your very eyes.  Again, for German Shepherds training videos are so helpful!  I say German Shepherd videos, but really they are for any breed.  It is the next best thing to being there and being instructed in person.  And Doggy Dan’s approach is the best I have ever seen as well.  I highly recommend his course.  If you are looking for a better way, you will definitely want to check his stuff out.  Again, click on the large red button on the top right hand corner of this page.  Also if you ever plan on breeding them, being able to say you have trained German Shepherds for sale will make your puppies in very high demand.

Another reason why I think videos are such a great way to teach in our modern world, it is because people are so used to them.  Movies and television have taught us to prefer to watch and listen to learn, rather than to read.  In many aspects of life that may not be such a good thing, because many spend too much time in mind numbing “entertainment”.  But dog training courses are educational and such a great way to learn how to better train your dog.  It really is a modern technological blessing.

German Shepherd Rescue

German Shepherd Rescue

Great German Shepherd Rescue EffortsIn every community there are German Shepherds as well as every other breed of dog that are abused and abandoned and left without a home.  They end up in animal shelters and many are put to death because no homes are available for them and there is a shortage of room at the shelters. In some cities there are rescue shelters who specialize in German Shepherd Rescue.

Rescue Facilities

Volunteers go to shelters looking for Shepherds who are there so that they can save them from being euthanized.  They also get the word out and get calls from people who spot abandoned dogs in their neighborhoods.  If your dog is German Shepherd click this link for a short article for some German Shepherd training tips.  Many of these animals were so abused that they are afraid of humans.  Many have malnutrition issues and related diseases.  Volunteers nurse them back to health and give them love.  Eventually they get the animals suitable for adoption.  With these dogs even more than others, knowing correct German Shepherd training is more important than ever.

A lot of work goes into these animals both nursing them back to health and finding homes for them.  Most of these German Shepherd Rescue organizations survive strictly on donations from private individuals.  In Los Angeles there is an organization called “West Side German Shepherd Rescue” which is a great organization that is rescuing many abandoned German Shepherds.  If you search on Youtube there are videos documenting some of their success stories.  These videos are touching to watch.  I recommend them to everyone.

Another one I ran across that is also in Southern California is called Coastal German Shepherd Rescue.  They have some very touching youtube videos as well.  Then as you can imagine there are many rescue organizations that will work with all breads of dogs.

What You Can Do

If you are interested it rescuing a German Shepherd I encourage you to go to your local animal shelter.  Or if you don’t want to rescue the dog until after it has been nursed back to health you can contact a rescue shelter.

Now you might ask what does all this have to do with Training A German Shepherd? Well as you can imagine since so many of these animals suffered abuse and neglect usually they have been poorly trained or not trained at all.  Especially with a rescued dog, being the leader of your German Shepherd’s pack is very important.  It actually calms the dog down because he knows and trusts the rules more.  Even rescued dogs who have been trained have developed behavior problems that need to be corrected.  Becoming the leader of the pack is key.  Out of all of the products I have researched to teach you how to correct these types of poor dog behavior, Doggy Dan’s is by far the best I have seen!  To check it out click on the large red button on the top right hand corner of this page.  I highly recommend it to those of you who are serious about turning your rescued dog into a confident and obedient pet.

Trained German Shepherds For Sale

Trained German Shepherds For Sale

Well Trained German Shepherds For Sale

Even though the title of this article is “Trained German Shepherds For Sale“, this article focuses on this topic from the trainer’s perspective.  If you raise registered pure bred German Shepherds, buyers will pay more money for your puppies if they are already or partially trained.  The right kind of German Shepherd puppy training can pay big dividends to the breeder.  And if you are consistently putting out dogs bred carefully for levelheadedness and a good temperament that are trained and well behaved, you will develop a reputation for this and people will travel long distances to be able to buy their puppy from you.

Have you ever gone to a breeder to purchase a puppy and the property was messy and disorganized?  And when you saw the puppies they were not well trained.   Breeders like this often have puppies that are not only physically dirty, but generally the temperaments of the dogs are less than desirable too.  Breeders like this are not paying attention to these all important details.  And there are breeders like this who make their living breeding German Shepherds, and others who just do it as a hobby.

German Shepherd training is so important.  The problem with buying dogs from breeders who neglect this is you never know what you are going to get.  I once purchased a female German Shepherd puppy from a breeder like this.  As a puppy the dog was cute and looked good.  She had more fur than normal too.  What I was shown were the parents both appeared to be good looking full sized dogs, although their quarters were a mess and they were not obedient to their owners.  The whole place was disorganized.  But they gave me pure bred registration papers, so I figured all would be well as I took the puppy home.

As she grew up she was half the size of a normal German Shepherd, and she never lost the over abundantly unusually long and fluffy hair.  The hair did not even feel like normal German Shepherd hair.  Her temperament was different than a normal German Shepherd temperament as well.  In reflecting on this experience I believe either these breeders did not breed their dogs for good characteristics, or this dog was not really a pure bred at all.   When she had puppies people would see the mother and not want the puppies, which made it really hard to sell them all.  If you are going to breed shepherds, having trained German Shepherds for sale is the best way to do it.

On the other hand I have purchased puppies from breeders where everything was neat and in order.  The dogs were all well behaved and all had perfect German Shepherd characteristics and pleasant level headed temperaments.  These dogs were much easier to train.  They were a joy to own and the puppies were easy to sell.

I have never purchased puppies that were already or even partially trained.  What a bonus that would have been.  In my studies for writing this article I have found great breeders that focus on selling these well bred high quality well trained puppies.  They never have trouble selling their puppies, in fact the have waiting lists.  And they always get top dollar.  Training German Shepherd puppies to sell makes all the sense in the world.

For the very best German Shepherd Training videos check out Doggy Dan’s video training course by clicking on the large red button on the top right hand corner of this page.  The neat thing about learning training through videos is you get to actually see Dan train real dogs right in front of you.  It is so much better than reading a book.  I just love it and highly recommend his course.


German Shepherd Puppy Training

German Shepherd Puppy Training

German Shepherd Puppy Training That Rocks!A lot of owners don’t know how to properly do German Shepherd puppy training.  And unfortunately both pet and owner pay the price the rest of the dog’s life!  Throughout a puppy’s first 10 weeks what they are exposed to has a dramatic effect on the rest of their life.  Most dog breeders sell the puppies beginning at about eight weeks of age.  The problem with this is that especially between eight and ten weeks old they are very sensitive to negative stimuli.  This is why some of the better German Shepherd breeders will keep the puppies until they are at least 10 weeks old.

Begin Dog Training

At its best, German Shepherd training starts when your puppy is just a few weeks old.  For example many develop fears of loud noises and bright lights.  The better trainers expose puppies to these things in their early weeks while they are in very positive environments so that they get used to things like that and are not afraid of them.  If the young puppies are exposed to a lot of different people all the time this will help them to not be afraid of or aggressive to people that they do not know.   There are things like having them hear classical music stimulates their brain function so that it develops earlier than it would otherwise.  This is also the best time to start being the leader of your German Shepherd’s pack.

Rewards and positive reinforcement of wanted behaviors is the best method for any canine bread, but especially for German Shepherd puppy training.  Trainers who yell at or use things that choke the dog or hurt them in any way are less effective.  Also these negative methods damage the self confidence of the dog.   In protective breeds it is important for the dog to have confidence.  And worst of all negative methods can damage the relationship between the dog and his owner.

Treats and affectionate petting of the dog really entice them to want to please you.  And consistency is important.  If you work at training them one day, but then leave it for a week, much will be forgotten.  And consistency in requesting things the same way helps the puppy to be clear on what you are asking.  Dogs can’t obey if they do not know what it is you want.  And if the command is unclear both the dog and the trainer will be frustrated.  This is particularly true when training puppies.

German Shepherd Nature

German Shepherds are a particularly intelligent breed of dog and generally desire to please their master.  I grew up with a male German Shepherd named Mike who was a part of our family.  Mike had a resilient personality and was not bothered by my dad’s sometimes mean disciplinary training method.  Mike knew my dad loved him and he always did his best to please him.  I have known other German Shepherds who exposed to similar negative training methods either got mean or skiddish as a result.

If you have just purchased a puppy and you are not sure if you want to train it yourself, or hire a professional, it is important to consider a few points.  First do you have the time to give them the consistent training they need, especially in the beginning?  Second, do you have a kind and patient temperament?  German Shepherd Puppy Training done right is a very rewarding experience.  It will increase the bond between you and your dog.  If you choose this route be sure you purchase the best guide to teach you step by step what to do.  This experience will effect your dog for the rest of his life.

With that I will leave you with one last thought.  Having a well trained German Shepherd who loves you and loves to please you will enrich your life tremendously.  If you ever have any aspirations of providing trained German Shepherds for sale, getting your dogs off to the right start will make your puppies in high demand.  Check out Doggy Dan’s online video training course for everything you need to know to train your German Shepherds the right way.  To check Dan’s video course out click on the large red button on the top right hand corner of this screen.