Being The Leader Of Your German Shepherd’s Pack

Being The Leader Of Your German Shepherd’s Pack

It is important Being The Leader Of Your German Shepherd's PackThe more in depth that I delve into this whole idea of being the leader of your German Shepherd’s pack, it really makes sense.  And I have learned that it is especially important for German Shepherd training because they are very strong willed dogs.  I don’t know if any of you have ever heard of Monty Roberts, the horse training.  He studied wild Mustangs out in their natural habitat and learn that they have a non verbal language that they used to communicate.  He also learned the hierarchical structure of the herd.  Who is in charge, and how they correct and discipline young herd members.

He learned that the real leader of a horse heard is the alpha female.  All the stallions were interested in is breeding.  By mimicking the way she communicated to problem heard members, he is able to get the horse to accept him as the leader of the heard.  Once this is accomplished he could easily teach any horse how to do what he wanted them to.  There is a video of him getting a young wild mustang to accept a saddle and a rider out in the wild, in less than 24 hours.  It is an amazing film to watch.

Best German Shepherd Training

Doggy Dan has basically done the same thing with Dogs.  To check out his video training course click on the large red button on the top right hand corner of this page.  Dan teaches you five basic rules to follow to get your German Shepherd to accept you as the leader of his pack.  By doing this the dog understands the message these rules communicate.  It actually makes the dog less stressed and want to please you.  This might sound funky, or maybe even a bit hokey pokey, but its not.  Your dog communicates this way anyway, we just don’t understand that we are giving him the wrong signals and causing the behaviors we don’t like.  We are communicating using the human mind instead of the canine mind.  As soon as we start thinking the way a German Shepherd thinks, and communicating the way they understand, your dog is much happier and learns to behave much easier.  It is really amazing, especially during German Shepherd rescue efforts.

Stopping A German Shepherd From Barking

I will give you one quick example of how communicating with your German Shepherd in his language corrects a bad behavior.  If you have ever had a dog that barks every time it hears a noise or sees something outside.  This can be very annoying especially if you have a baby sleeping, are trying to watch a movie or are entertaining guests.

When the dog does this it is because he views himself as a leader of the pack, and the noise as a possible danger.  In a wild pack, the leaders of the pack make all the decisions. They decide was is dangerous and what is not.  When your dog is barking he is basically nervous of a possible danger and protecting or alerting the pack.  If you start yelling at him to stop it, you are actually encouraging him to continue.  He perceives this as you barking at the danger as well.  If you get really angry then you are still concerned about the danger but being a bully to him.  Being the leader of your German Shepherd’s pack is key to reversing this bad behavior.

The way Dan teaches to handle that is since you are the leader of the pack, you show that you are not concerned.  He suggests you very calmly say “thank you” to your dog when he starts barking.  If he continues to bark, then you investigate the danger.  You very calmly get up and go look at what your dog is barking at, so that your dog sees you doing so, then you say again very calmly “thank you”, and then you turn your back on your dog and walk back to your seat.  Usually this will calm your dog down because he sees that you see what he sees and are not concerned.

If the dog continues to bark, then you very calmly take your dog and put him in a small room like a bathroom for a time out.  This gets the German Shepherd away from the perceived danger where he is safe, and he sees that you are not stressed at all but are very calm.  Then you leave the dog in time out until he completely calms down.  Then you let him out.  After a few times of this he will learn to look to your guidance as to when to be concerned.

I hope this example gives you a grasp of the power of being the leader of your German Shepherd’s pack.  It makes for the happiest and most well behaved canines.  This is especially important in German Shepherd puppy training.

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