German Shepherd Training Tips

German Shepherd Training Tips

You Need To Know How To Train A German ShepherdIf you have never had a well trained happily obedient German Shepherd, you haven’t lived.  It is so wonderful!  The dog owning experience is ten times better!  It really is!  And your dog is so much happier too.  In this article I will give you some German shepherd training tips.

And German Shepherd training is really quite simple.  They are very intelligent, and if trained properly they are as sweet as can be and love to be obedient.  And it works the same if you are training your dog in basic obedience, or training a way a bad habit or behavior.  You just have to know how to do it.

I am going to give you some very important German Shepherd training tips that you will need in training your dog.  These are the basic fundamentals of knowing how to train a German Shepherd.   But first I should mention that the best way I have found to learn dog training, short of being trained in person by a master trainer, is to watch videos of master trainers teaching you as they are actually training dogs.  It is the next best thing to being there!  And the best dog training video course I have found, by far, is Doggy Dan’s, “The Online Dog Trainer”.  If you want to check it out, click on the large red button on the top right hand corner of this page.

So here we go.  First remember that German Shepherds are creatures of instinct.  They do many things naturally because of their instinct.  If you can direct what you want them to do in a way that goes along with their instincts, they want to do it.  For example they are pack animals.  They love structure and hierarchy.  It gives them a feeling of peace and security.  You, your family, and any other animals in the house are your German Shepherd’s pack.  You need to establish yourself as the alpha male of that pack to your dog.  If you do it right, and are consistent in your training, your dog will want to obey.

Timing is also crucial.  German Shepherd puppies have short attention spans.  If your dog obeys your command and you do nothing at first and then a few minutes later give them the reward, they won’t know why you are rewarding them.  Instant gratification works best. When they obey, they are immediately praised.  Then they will associate obeying your command with something good, the reward.  This is especially important for rescued dogs who have experienced trauma in their past.  Click on this link for a article on German Shepherd rescue.

Also remember patience and repetition are so important.  It takes repetition for your dog to figure out what you are trying to get him to do.  And be patient.  If you feel yourself getting slightly off, end the training session and come back to it later.  Always end on a positive note, after a success.  You want your dog to remember this as a positive experience.  Once your German Shepherd is trained on a few things, mix it up and train him in front of other people and other distractions.  Then they will learn to always focus on you their alpha male.

Socialization and exposure to different situations is important while they are young.  This helps them not be afraid of strange noises and to not view every stranger as a threat.  And again always make this a positive and happy experience for your dog.

Proper punishment is vital.  Using fear and intimidation hurts your relationship with your dog, and it does not work as well.  The best punishment for your German Shepherd when training him is to completely ignore him.  He craves your attention and being ignored by his alpha pack leader is punishment.  By understanding the psychology or instinctual makeup of your German Shepherd makes all of the difference in the world.  I hope that these few German Shepherd training tips help you not only get the behavior you are hoping for from your dog.  But I hope it assists in building the relationship and bond he or she has with you.

Again I highly recommend Doggy Dan’s, “The Online Dog Trainer”. If I remember right I believe he even offers a free trial, so you can view his training and try it out before you pay.   It is the best course I have ever seen.

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