German Shepherd Training

German Shepherd Training

Like I have mentioned before, German Shepherd training is a particular treat.  They are such smart, loyal and loving animals.  They can be extremely obedient as well if they are trained properly.  In this article I am going to attack the topic of how to train a German Shepherd in kind of a simple step by step format.

Puppy German Shepherd TrainingIn an ideal situation it is best if you can start with them when they are just a few weeks old.  Their attention span will be short and their ability to comprehend will be limited.  That is the time to start exposing them to all different kinds of stimuli in a very happy and positive manner so that they learn not to fear things.  Examples are things like loud or clanging noises, thunder or gun sounds, and lots of new people all of the time.  If they can get used to these types of things while having fun with someone they trust, they will not be afraid when they get older and are around these things.

As they get a week or two older their comprehension and attention span will increase enough where you can begin to use treats and commands with them.  You can teach them basic things like sitting and staying as well as coming when they are called.  Again we want this to always be a positive experience.  If they do what you ask they get a little piece of chicken.  If they do it wrong they don’t get the chicken.  This kind of German Shepherd training can all happen before they are eight weeks old, starting with them as young as you can.  If you are raising the pups to sell having your German Shepherds partially trained like this will cause you to have waiting lists for your puppies.

Training Adult German Shepherds

There are a lot of German Shepherd Training Tips that are easy to do even when your dog starts getting older.  For example some people have adult dogs that won’t come when they are called.  They have to keep the dog on a leash whenever they take them outside for fear they will run off.  The best way to handle this is to start with your dog in the house.  Have some small bits of chicken in your pocket and make sure your dog knows that you have it.  For me it works better if I have taught my German Shepherd to sit and stay first.  Then I can have my dog sit and stay while I walk to the other end of the room.  I make the dog stay their for a few minutes with them knowing I have the chicken.  Then I call them to come to me and when they come they get a bit of chicken.  The more you practice this the better your German Shepherd dog will get at this.

The next step is to take your German Shepherd out side on a leash.  Make sure your dog knows that you have chicken.  Let your dog go exploring and doing what it wants while still attached to the leash.  This works best with a longer leash.  Then call your German Shepherd like you did in the house.  When he comes he gets a bit of chicken.  If you keep practicing this it will become second nature and your dog will learn to associate coming when called with the treat.  Soon it will be natural to take off the leash and practice that way.  Never use any kind of a choker collar or do anything that causes pain or frightens your dog in any way during your training sessions (or any other time for that matter).  You want him to look forward to learning and think of these times as fun and enjoyable.

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