Trained German Shepherds For Sale

Trained German Shepherds For Sale

Well Trained German Shepherds For Sale

Even though the title of this article is “Trained German Shepherds For Sale“, this article focuses on this topic from the trainer’s perspective.  If you raise registered pure bred German Shepherds, buyers will pay more money for your puppies if they are already or partially trained.  The right kind of German Shepherd puppy training can pay big dividends to the breeder.  And if you are consistently putting out dogs bred carefully for levelheadedness and a good temperament that are trained and well behaved, you will develop a reputation for this and people will travel long distances to be able to buy their puppy from you.

Have you ever gone to a breeder to purchase a puppy and the property was messy and disorganized?  And when you saw the puppies they were not well trained.   Breeders like this often have puppies that are not only physically dirty, but generally the temperaments of the dogs are less than desirable too.  Breeders like this are not paying attention to these all important details.  And there are breeders like this who make their living breeding German Shepherds, and others who just do it as a hobby.

German Shepherd training is so important.  The problem with buying dogs from breeders who neglect this is you never know what you are going to get.  I once purchased a female German Shepherd puppy from a breeder like this.  As a puppy the dog was cute and looked good.  She had more fur than normal too.  What I was shown were the parents both appeared to be good looking full sized dogs, although their quarters were a mess and they were not obedient to their owners.  The whole place was disorganized.  But they gave me pure bred registration papers, so I figured all would be well as I took the puppy home.

As she grew up she was half the size of a normal German Shepherd, and she never lost the over abundantly unusually long and fluffy hair.  The hair did not even feel like normal German Shepherd hair.  Her temperament was different than a normal German Shepherd temperament as well.  In reflecting on this experience I believe either these breeders did not breed their dogs for good characteristics, or this dog was not really a pure bred at all.   When she had puppies people would see the mother and not want the puppies, which made it really hard to sell them all.  If you are going to breed shepherds, having trained German Shepherds for sale is the best way to do it.

On the other hand I have purchased puppies from breeders where everything was neat and in order.  The dogs were all well behaved and all had perfect German Shepherd characteristics and pleasant level headed temperaments.  These dogs were much easier to train.  They were a joy to own and the puppies were easy to sell.

I have never purchased puppies that were already or even partially trained.  What a bonus that would have been.  In my studies for writing this article I have found great breeders that focus on selling these well bred high quality well trained puppies.  They never have trouble selling their puppies, in fact the have waiting lists.  And they always get top dollar.  Training German Shepherd puppies to sell makes all the sense in the world.

For the very best German Shepherd Training videos check out Doggy Dan’s video training course by clicking on the large red button on the top right hand corner of this page.  The neat thing about learning training through videos is you get to actually see Dan train real dogs right in front of you.  It is so much better than reading a book.  I just love it and highly recommend his course.


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