German Shepherd Puppy Training

German Shepherd Puppy Training

German Shepherd Puppy Training That Rocks!A lot of owners don’t know how to properly do German Shepherd puppy training.  And unfortunately both pet and owner pay the price the rest of the dog’s life!  Throughout a puppy’s first 10 weeks what they are exposed to has a dramatic effect on the rest of their life.  Most dog breeders sell the puppies beginning at about eight weeks of age.  The problem with this is that especially between eight and ten weeks old they are very sensitive to negative stimuli.  This is why some of the better German Shepherd breeders will keep the puppies until they are at least 10 weeks old.

Begin Dog Training

At its best, German Shepherd training starts when your puppy is just a few weeks old.  For example many develop fears of loud noises and bright lights.  The better trainers expose puppies to these things in their early weeks while they are in very positive environments so that they get used to things like that and are not afraid of them.  If the young puppies are exposed to a lot of different people all the time this will help them to not be afraid of or aggressive to people that they do not know.   There are things like having them hear classical music stimulates their brain function so that it develops earlier than it would otherwise.  This is also the best time to start being the leader of your German Shepherd’s pack.

Rewards and positive reinforcement of wanted behaviors is the best method for any canine bread, but especially for German Shepherd puppy training.  Trainers who yell at or use things that choke the dog or hurt them in any way are less effective.  Also these negative methods damage the self confidence of the dog.   In protective breeds it is important for the dog to have confidence.  And worst of all negative methods can damage the relationship between the dog and his owner.

Treats and affectionate petting of the dog really entice them to want to please you.  And consistency is important.  If you work at training them one day, but then leave it for a week, much will be forgotten.  And consistency in requesting things the same way helps the puppy to be clear on what you are asking.  Dogs can’t obey if they do not know what it is you want.  And if the command is unclear both the dog and the trainer will be frustrated.  This is particularly true when training puppies.

German Shepherd Nature

German Shepherds are a particularly intelligent breed of dog and generally desire to please their master.  I grew up with a male German Shepherd named Mike who was a part of our family.  Mike had a resilient personality and was not bothered by my dad’s sometimes mean disciplinary training method.  Mike knew my dad loved him and he always did his best to please him.  I have known other German Shepherds who exposed to similar negative training methods either got mean or skiddish as a result.

If you have just purchased a puppy and you are not sure if you want to train it yourself, or hire a professional, it is important to consider a few points.  First do you have the time to give them the consistent training they need, especially in the beginning?  Second, do you have a kind and patient temperament?  German Shepherd Puppy Training done right is a very rewarding experience.  It will increase the bond between you and your dog.  If you choose this route be sure you purchase the best guide to teach you step by step what to do.  This experience will effect your dog for the rest of his life.

With that I will leave you with one last thought.  Having a well trained German Shepherd who loves you and loves to please you will enrich your life tremendously.  If you ever have any aspirations of providing trained German Shepherds for sale, getting your dogs off to the right start will make your puppies in high demand.  Check out Doggy Dan’s online video training course for everything you need to know to train your German Shepherds the right way.  To check Dan’s video course out click on the large red button on the top right hand corner of this screen.


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